Accounting Specialist (Vijayawada)

You will be working closely across functions including the founders to execute and improve finance processes.  

What you will do

  • Processing financial transactions online as well as offline, as required

  • Issue invoices and organize, track and collect receivables

  • Keep accounting software up to date with receivables collection status

  • Documenting financial transactions 

  • Summarizing current financial status by collecting information; preparing receivables and payable summaries 

  • Reconciling financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information. 

  • Tax matters such as TDS and GST handling 

  • Securing financial information by completing database backups.

  • Bonus: ensuring that company policies are in compliance with any legal requirements

About You


  • A bachelor/master degree or certification in finance-related fields such as accounting or business

  • 2 years' work experience in accounting 

  • Experience with receivables management

  • Familiarity with Quickbook

  • Strong bonus

    • CA semi-certification/certification

  • Strong moral fiber 

  • Proven and verifiable track record of excellence in fields other than just academics 

  • Uncompromising execution 

  • Embrace responsibility and leadership through accountability 

  • Confident and assertive 

  • Good English speaker, reader, and writer

CTC Range: 2 lakh - 5 lakh per year

If you are interested, we have a little brain teaser. Send us a message introducing yourself and be sure to include your answer. Please note that the prospective applicant MUST provide your best answer to the questionnaire below in order to be considered for an interview. Look forward to your original answer.

Question 1: 
A 12-tyre truck with a capacity of 21 tons generates a profit of 3,500 rupees on a round trip of Hyderabad <> Vijayawada where the total freight is 2,100/MT (For round trip). It takes 2 days to complete this trip. The EMI of this truck is 35,000/month for 3 years. 
A. What is the minimum number of trips the truck has to do to clear its monthly EMI debt? 
B. How much net profit would the truck generate at the end of the month if it completes 14 trips in the month? 
C. What is the total revenue generated if the truck did 12 trips/month consistently for 3 years? 

Question 2: 
X Company purchased goods worth ₹150,000 from outside the state. He sold ₹150,000 locally and ₹100,000 outside the state. The company paid telephone bill of ₹5,000 and purchased an air cooler of ₹12,000 (locally). Assuming CGST @ 8% and SGST @ 8%, pass journal entries for the following and calculate GST amount payable. 


Question 3: 
The attached excel sheet has the sample data we use to manage orders and trucker payments. The sheet “Payment Details” lists out the dates each payment was made for a particular truck. Sheet “Order Details” has the details of their total freights. Build models in Excel/Google Sheets to: 
1. Automatically display the dates of payments on “Order Details” based on the information in “Payment Details”. 
2. Mark as an error if the payment made is not equal to the advance/balance amount that should have been paid to the trucker. 
File download: 


Question 4: Given a chance at GoLorry, what is the earliest you can join?

Co-Founders profiles


Sanjay Mandava   Jonathan Richards

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