HR Manager (Vijayawada)

You will be working closely with the top management including the founders on the most important element of the company - talent. If you are great at identifying talents and keen on achieving success with the team, this role is fit for you.

What you will do

  • Understand company culture and the ideal candidate calibres

  • Participate in candidate screening and manage hiring pipeline

  • Expand hiring channels

  • Continuously improve hiring approach

  • Develop programs for team training and improvement

  • Establish and report team metrics monitoring

About You


  • Rounded and able to wear many hats in a startup environment

  • Relentless work ethic 

  • Strong moral fiber 

  • Exceptional cognitive abilities 

  • Proven and verifiable track record of excellence in fields other than just academics 

  • Uncompromising execution 

  • Embrace responsibility and leadership through accountability 

  • Confident and assertive 

  • Good English speaker, reader and writer 

  • Winner

CTC Range: 5 lakh - 15 lakh per year

If you are interested, we have a little brain teaser. Send us a message introducing yourself and be sure to include your answer. Please note that the prospective applicant MUST provide your best answer to the questionnaire below in order to be considered for an interview. Look forward to your original answer.

Question 1:
What are your top 3 interview questions?
Question 2: 
If you were to hire operations specialists for us, which can be characterized as a young tech startup in the trucking industry, how would you rank the order of the criteria below when you assess the candidates? And why?

1) Experience 
2) Intelligence such as critical thinking ability 
3) Education 
4) Character  
Question 3: logistical questions
  1) What languages do you speak?
  2) Are you comfortable with work location in Vijayawada?
  3) If given an opportunity at GoLorry, when is the earliest you can join?

Co-Founders profiles


Sanjay Mandava   Jonathan Richards   Zijie (ZJ) Lin 

Apply with your resume and answer to the questions above to​

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