Operations Functional Lead

A Functional Lead manages client relationships and leads designated functions in operations. He will have a strong solution-oriented mindset towards problems and be skilled in leadership. If you enjoy solving hard and valuable problems, and has confidence in leading a team, this position is right for you. 

What you will do

- Manage and deepen existing client relationship

- Acquire clients and explore new demand segments

- Coordinate order fulfillment to satisfy all necessary stakeholders

- Run analytics to better understand and serve clients' needs

- Convert operational problems to technical solutions

- Build processes to maximize operational efficiency

- Learn through fieldwork to empathize with GoLorry users

- Create workflows that empower team members

About You

- Relentless work ethic

- Strong moral fiber

- Effective Communication

- Exceptional cognitive abilities

- Engineering mindset

- Uncompromising execution

- Proven and verifiable track record of excellence in fields other than just academics

- Seek to create rather than sell

- Embrace responsibility and leadership through accountability 

- Confident and assertive

- Good English speaker, reader, and writer

- Winner

Co-Founders profiles


Sanjay Mandava   Jonathan Richards

Apply with a cover letter and your resume to hr@golorry.com​

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